Probiotics (30 servings) - Laird Wellness
Probiotics (30 servings) - Laird Wellness
Probiotics (30 servings) - Laird Wellness

Probiotics (30 servings)

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A good balance of gut bacteria is one of the essential keys to good health — but environmental and lifestyle factors throw off that balance! Everyone today needs a good probiotic to support balanced gut bacteria.

Pharmacist Billy Wease couldn't find a probiotic supplement that met the quality he wanted, so he developed his own!

The OptiYou RX Probiotic is composed of a proprietary probiotic and prebiotic blend designed to be the first, best option for anyone seeking a good probiotic product - just 1 capsule per day!


"Don't be fooled — refrigerated probiotics are NOT better, despite the higher CFU (probiotic "colony forming units") count on the label! Think about it... if refrigeration is required to keep the delicate probiotics working, what happens when they enter the 98.6 degrees and the stomach acid inside your body? You guessed it... they DIE and are useless! This is why so many refrigerated brands have ridiculously high CFU listed on the label. The company making them knows that most of those probiotics will die before the supplement ever reaches your lower colon (where probiotics do their best work), so they put an extra high amount of CFUs in the product in hopes that at least SOME of the probiotics will survive the journey through your body. The BEST probiotics are ones that DO NOT need refrigeration. These ones (like the probiotics from OptiYou RX) are "enteric coated" meaning that there is a protective coating that gradually disintegrates as the probiotic travels through your body. The probiotics are protected until they reach your lower colon. This is why non-refrigerated (aka shelf-stable) probiotics can have lower CFU counts. They don't need the high amounts because the probiotics are protected from your digestive system; as a result, they are way more effective because a much higher percentage of the probiotic reaches the intended destination than refrigerated probiotics."
- Scott Laird, ND


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