With so much natural health information out there it’s hard to tell what’s best and what’s bunk! Laird Wellness can help!
Scott Laird, ND has been a naturopath since 2014, an internationally recognized plant-based health writer since 2008, and has authored two books on the subject.
We have observed a plant-based diet for more than a decade, and we have also used a ketogenic diet to self-heal. We have reversed the symptoms of asthma in both of our own children, guided our own parents to reverse the symptoms of colon cancer, and helped dozens of others to overcome obesity.
Best of all, through our own experiences and Scott's natural health talk show, The Health Awakening, we are now connected with world-famous doctors to whom we can refer you if you need something a little more intensive.
Everyone’s health journey looks different, We'll help you find your path — no matter what it looks — with the best products on the market and the best natural health practitioners on the planet... for the best health of your life.