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Magnesium (60 servings)

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When pharmacist Billy Wease went looking for a high-quality magnesium supplement that included all the best-absorbed forms of magnesium, he couldn't find any — so he developed his own!

Magnesium has over 350 positive functions in the human body, including:

  • supporting cardiovascular health
  • enhancing the Kreb’s cycle
  • supporting the body's resistance to migraine incidence and severity
  • supporting healthy insulin levels which combat diabetic conditions
  • ...and much more!

What makes OptiYou RX magnesium so special? It includes the perfect combination of several forms of magnesium to help your body shuttle it to where it is needed along as many pathways as possible! 

OptiYou RX Magnesium is specifically formulated to support excellent energy levels and support the body's resistance to nocturnal leg cramps. But it can help with much more!

"Calcium's job is to contract muscles and magnesium's job is to relax muscles. Whenever I have an eye twitch due to stress, I take two of these capsules and the issue subsides. I have also noticed an improvement in regular heartbeat when I take this supplement consistently. And best, of all, I take three about an hour before bedtime and sleep like a baby!"
- Scott Laird, ND

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