Multi-Vitamin (30 servings) - Laird Wellness
Multi-Vitamin (30 servings) - Laird Wellness
Multi-Vitamin (30 servings) - Laird Wellness

Multi-Vitamin (30 servings)

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When pharmacist Billy Wease went looking for a high-quality multivitamin supplement that actually did what it was supposed to, he couldn't find any — so he developed his own!

The OptiYou RX MultiVitamin is designed to optimize the body by replenishing the vital nutrients that many people are deficient in.

This product contains the "active" forms of vital nutrients that most efficiently support your body's own resistance to stress, illness, and the depletion of nutrients due to medications.

"Here's a tip I use to spot a good multivitamin. Look for Vitamin B12 on the supplement facts panel. If it says "cyanocobalamin" it's the cheap kind that your body has to convert before using (and thus is not as effective). If it says "methylcobalamin" it's a form your body can use immediately. If the supplement company has gone to the trouble and greater expense of including the methylcobalamin type of B12, you can bet they've done the same with their other ingredients."
- Scott Laird, ND

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